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When it comes to architecture and design, knowledge is as crucial as taste. Our rotating schedule of helpful CEU’s and virtual learnings are here to keep you abreast on all things lighting and design.

Circadian Lighting

Circadian Lighting & Wellness

In this module we discuss the 2 prevailing schools of thought on wellness and circadian lighting from the WELL Building Standard and the Light and Health Research Center, as well as how to reap the benefits of circadian lighting in your home or office with the Circadian Rhythm and Custom Rhythm features available in the WIZ app.

Attend to receive a Free Pure Smart Kit (2 bulbs + 1 controller)

October 11 2023 | 2PM CST

CEU - The Power of Acoustic Lighting

CEU - The Power of Acoustic Lighting

Happiness, health, and well-being have never been higher on the agenda of organizations worldwide. This course will showcase how adequate acoustics and lighting play a key role on mental health and physical well-being in the workspace. The course will also help designers, architects and facility managers to get a better understanding of the importance of considering acoustics and acoustic lighting at the start of each project. After this session, acoustic lighting will no longer be an afterthought.

October 19 2023 | 10am CST

CEU - Lighting Controls

CEU - Lighting Controls as a Component of Interior Design

Lighting controls allow homeowners to control lights, ceiling fans, and small appliances from anywhere in the home, without the need for new wiring or expensive master controllers.

November 3 2023 | 2pm CST

Sustainable Footprint Home Furnishings Industry

CEU - Building a Sustainable Footprint in the Home Furnishings Industry

This course, we will analyze the various ways that Sustainability can be defined in product design, production, and manufacturing within the Home Furnishings industry and discuss how sustainable ways of working across a wide variety of business practices in the areas of design, production, and logistics are imperative to supporting and fostering the earth’s fragile ecosystem.

December 6 2023 | 2pm CST

CEU - Lighting For Seniors

CEU - Lighting For Seniors

Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day. Buying a new home or remodeling an existing home to make ready for senior living will be a reality for a huge portion of the population. That work will likely carry over through the next twenty years. A key element of creating a comfortable and livable environment will be lighting. As we age, one of the many physiological changes humans undergo is vision. Because of this change, the light in an age-in-place home must be altered. This session will explain the issue and recommend solutions.

January 17 2024 | 2pm CST



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